Under the Snow Festival 2014

Heirloom @ La Sala Rossa, UTS festival 2014

Heirloom @ La Sala Rossa, UTS festival 2014

This year is both the 10th anniversary, and the last year, of Montreal’s Under the Snow festival. Heirloom was lucky enough to take part in it – we played a sold out show at La Sala Rossa this March with The Great Novel, and The Franklin Electric.

The nice folks over at the Antonym of Hype blog came by our show and wrote a rave review. Check it out here!

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Tickets to our album launch available!



We can’t stop thinking about our album launch on June 29th. At O Patro Vys. At 9pm. For 8$. OR FOR 6$ if you buy your ticket in advance. How does one aquire an advance ticket you may ask?? Well, there are four options, in order from best to least best:


1a) Come see us at Fringe Park tomorrow (thursday, june 20) and buy your ticket from us in person!

1b) Buy a ticket from any Heirloom member (stalk them at work, find them on the street, barge in on our rehearsals, whatevs)

2) Buy tickets at the awesome independant plateau record store L’Oblique! (4333 Rivard, right near Mont-royal metro)

3) Buy tickets at Mandy’s Salad Bar (201 Laurier W) – and meanwhile visit Lisa & Elizabeth as this is their place of work!

4) Buy your tickets on our bandcamp site…though because of extra internetz feez, we must charge you 7$ instead of 6$. However to make up for it, we have included a free download of the song Sister, Sister! with the purchase of your ticket online.

Cannot wait to see each and everyone of you in less than two weeks!!!

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ImageThe time has come for news about our upcoming album! We have been hiding out, finishing up every last detail, making everything perfect for your eyes and ears and hearts. Behold! Makeweight has almost arrived. Our first full-length album. We are proud.

AND! We are happy to announce the date of our album launch, June 29th, 2013 at O Patro Yvs.  B.W. Brandes, the singer of The Unsettlers, will be doing a solo set to open up the night, and then we will be playing the album live. Tickets are 8$ at the door, 6$ in advance (more info on where to buy advance tickets will be posted soon!)

In the meantime, please enjoy a taste of the new album here. There are only two songs posted as of now, because we are a tease.

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We Did It!!


We managed to raise over our goal of $4,000 with 24 hours to spare! This new Heirloom album is happening! Thanks everyone for your support. Look for the album to be released this summer…more news to come! Enjoy the sun.



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This is how happy we’ll be if we make our goal!

This is how happy we'll be if we make our goal!

Everyone, there is a short two days left in our album pre-sale/fundraiser. Here for your listening pleasure is a demo of one of the songs off the album.


If you like it, get your album now!

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Another day in the studio, another winter storm


As the snow falls again (what??) we are back in the studio. Seems to be a pattern.

This week we recorded the final guitar, vocal, and harmony tracks for our new album. The only thing we have left to do is lay down the piano tracks. Our sound engineer, Chris Fox, has left for CMW with his band Folly and the Hunter and will be back next week to start the most funnest part of the whole affair: editing and mixing!

In the meantime: there is exactly a week left in our Kapipal album pre-sale/fundraiser campaign, help us out if you can!

Click here to get to our Kapipal!

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Winner of the Heirloom Facebook Election (and of one carrot)




As the election comes to a close, the winner is clear: Quintinius Norin. He fought long and hard. Shameless smear campaigns were launched. Fake facebook profiles were made. Sides were chosen. And, when it came down to it, despite most of Quinn’s band-mates, roommates, and family members voting for his opponent, he managed to come out on top. For this, we will receive the aforementioned prize of one carrot.



Still, feel free to judge for yourself:

Quinn’s Video

Patate’s Video

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